From the Zen Buddhist tradition, the Zafu Cushion, Zabuton Mat, and Zafu Support cushion are used together to provide an ideal seat for upright and comfortable sitting meditation. All pillows in the set include a removable, washable, zippered cover. Eco-Friendly Zafu Zabuton Sets are available in organic cotton and other eco-friendly covers. 

All sets include one of our popular Zafu Cushions (in Kapok or Buckwheat), our 4.5" loft Cotton Zabuton Mat, and cotton filled Zafu Support Cushion for added height and versatility. 
All three pillows in the Set come with a removable, washable, zippered cover.
All Zafu Zabuton sets are available in a range of colors.
Zafu Zabuton Deluxe sets are priced for savings.

Zafu Zabuton Deluxe Cushion Sets