Our Zabuton Cushion (also from Japanese Zen) is the cotton floor mat that sits under the Zafu or other Meditation Cushion or Bench as a pillow for the knees and ankles. Hand layered and tufted with 100% cotton batting for a comfortable meditation seat. Zabutons are sold with a removable, washable cover in cotton and eco-cotton twill. For zabuton covers only click here.
Our Zabuton Mat (27" x 33") has a 4.5" loft that will settle over time and is suitable for most practitioners.
Our Jumbo Zabuton Cushion is the same thickness (4.5") but makes more room for longer legs (30"x33").
Our Zabuton with a 2.5" loft is more portable and recommended as the mat for Meditation Benches.
All Zabutons are available with an eco-friendly, organic washable cushion cover.
Use the Zabuton as the meditation mat for the Zafu Cushion, Gomden or a Meditation Bench.

Zabuton Meditation Cushions