Ahh meditation is a morning meditation. I follow the Wayne Dyer version of the Japa meditation. According to Dr. Dyer, the names of many of the Gods contains the sound Ahh. So when you are doing this meditation you are calling on God ahh.

 The sound "Ahh" is in many names of God in the creator mode in names such as: God, Allah, Ram, Ra, Krishna, Tao, Khoda,  do have the sound "Ahh." the "Ahh" meditation is a wonderful morning meditation with great affirmations from Dr. Wayne Dyer that  work in getting you out of your daily thoughts.

The Japa meditation is a very old meditation from about 2300 B.C in India. It was  passed down throughout history and now here in the West. The “Ahh” have a great deal in common with the joy of joy and it is the sound of creation. 
Whether, you call the supreme power Atman, God, Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Ra, Allah, Jehovah, Brahman, Jah, etc. The sound “Ahh” the sound of Creation is within all the names of God. It is the sound of “Ahh”. 
 When meditating, keep your focus on the activity at hand. You need to be very discipline. Constant practice will help enhance the Japa meditation. At times your mind will wander, simply just bring it back to what you're doing. 

The Japa meditation method can be used by beginners or experts, for people who enjoy using a mantra to meditate, or just simply for stress reduction. Japa meditation is my favorite meditation by far, Try the twenty minutes Wayne Dyer Japa meditation, Ahh meditation. 

Ahh Morning Meditation By Wayne Dyer

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