Regular meditation calms down the restlessness of the mind, and decreases the number of distracting thoughts, bringing a sense of inner peace and relaxation. As the sense of inner peace increases, the ability to concentrate and focus the mind improves.

With a peaceful mind one makes fewer mistakes, makes better judgments and decisions, and becomes more patient and tolerant. This of course improves one's relationships with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

The benefits of meditation do not end here. Regular practice, enhances the sense of happiness and contentment. As the mind becomes more and more peaceful, the number of worries, anxieties, fears and negative thoughts decreases, and in their absence, happiness rises, unobstructed.

Much of the stress and tension we normally experience comes from our mind, and many problems, including ill health, are brought about or aggravated by stress and tension. This stress and tension can be reduced by regular meditation. When the mind is at peace, many problems just disappear, and others are more easily dealt with.

An undisciplined mind accepts every passing thought, and wastes one's time and energy on futile, useless or negative thoughts. It also aggravates every problem and takes it out of proportion. With a disciplined and trained mind, this tendency gradually gets weaker, and could even disappear completely.

In time, one can see changes in the behavior and attitude and manner of thinking. The mind becomes more positive and one learns to react more constructively, patiently and calmly to the various situations of daily life, from dealing with people to dealing with problems, tasks or goals. One's actions become positive and efficient, focused and more satisfactory.

The benefits of meditation manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Some of them appear quite fast, and others take some more time. This depends on the amount of time devoted to practicing it, the levels of earnestness and concentration, and on the inner ripeness of the meditating person. It is not enough to meditate once a week or once in a few days. Regular daily practice is required for attaining results.

There is evidence of the many rewards of regular meditation from people who meditate, and also from researches of scientists. Here are some of them:

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