The spirit Gatekeeper is the spirit guide that has guided you upon your entry into this life and the  spirit guide that will help you to return to your next life. Upon your arrival into this world, you forgot about your spirit guide or guardian angel.

You are wonderfully fortunate to have a guardian angel. Your spirit guides role is a simple one, spirit guides are here to help guide you through life. However, most of you failed to call on your spirit guides or guardian angel. Maybe its because you are not aware of your guardian angel, or possibly not sure on how to engage your spirit guides.

You can connect with your spirit guide with very little efforts. Connecting with your guardian angel can bring great benefits to your life. Effective communication with your guardian angel can help you to have a better connection with your divine source and give you greater confidence in life.

The spirit guides can influence your consciousness when your mind is in a meditative state that is quiet and still. By being quiet and still your spirit guides will be able to connect with your vibration. Keep in mind you are vibrations, your thoughts, your body etc. when you are in the stillness moment and quiet state you will become aware of your spirit guides.

Connecting with your spirit guides make take practice and patience. But once you are connected with your guardian angel you can ask him or her any questions. At times, the answers will not come at that instant, it may take a while to get the answer. The reason for this is because the answer only comes when you are ready to hear the answer. You are also have to be conscious of everything around you because the answer can come from a overheard conversation, an article you are reading or have read, an unexpected phone call. Know that the answer will come and you will be guided.  

If you are ready to meet your spirit guides, your spirit gatekeeper, start to strengthen your spirituality , power and visions through the power of meditation. has a meet your spirit guide meditation you can practice to help you to connect with your guardian angel. Spirit Gatekeeper.


Spirit GateKeeper, Meet your Spirit Guide

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