UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

​MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

​FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order 

“Everything in life is vibration.” — Albert Einstein

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra, Corresponds to the note “B”, associated with the pituitary gland, the thalamus and the hypothalamus. Sahasrara’s inner aspect deals with meditation, and unity with universal consciousness.

Ajna: The “Third Eye” Chakra, Corresponds to the note “A”, associated with the pineal gland that secretes the hormone melatonin, regulating sleep and awakening. Ajna’s inner aspect relates to the access of intuition

Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra, Corresponds to the note “G”, associated with the thyroid, a gland that is produces thyroid hormone, responsible for growth and maturation. Vishuddha’s inner aspect relates to self-expression and communication.

Anahata: The Heart Chakra, Corresponds to the note “F”, associated with the thymus, a key element of the immune system. Anahata’s inner aspect relates to unconditional love for the self and others.

Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra, Corresponds to the note “E”, associated with the Islets of Langerhans, which are groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal glands and the adrenal cortex. Manipura’s inner aspect relates to personal power, fear and anxiety.

Svadisthana: The Sacral Chakra, Corresponds to the note “D”, associated with the testes or the ovaries that produce sex hormones. Svadisthana’s inner aspect relates to creativity and reproduction.

Muladhara: The “Base” or “Root” Chakra, Corresponds to the note “C”, associated with the gonads and the adrenal medulla. Muladhara’s inner aspect governs sexuality, lust and obsession.

Since the beginning the universe was created upon a sound or frequency. This frequency is what keeps the earth in rotation and in its form and if that frequency should change so will earth and the universe. The most direct way to help influence the frequency of the body is with Solfeggio healing sound through the chakras. http://www.sevenchakrasmeditation.com has all the Solfeggio frequencies for you to listen to. We also have a great video that shows you the power of sound and how it will affect you in a positive or negative way.

Solfeggio frequencies used by the Ancient Gregorian, which was lost for centuries were recovered. The Solfeggio frequencies with healing power of sound have special chants and tones that can bring many great spiritual blessings when they are harmonize.

There  are six main Solfeggio frequencies. These Solfeggio sound frequencies with healing powers, have shown to have spiritual and physical healing powers. We  are vibrational being and everything in this universe is vibrating at a specific frequency. When we develop a specific ailment, this happens because our body and that organ is out of balance. Every living cell in our bodies, every organ, every tissue, every thought, every mental state is alive with a specific vibration frequency or energy. This is the reason it is vital to always practice your chakras meditation to keep yourself well balanced.

Solfeggio healing power of sound correlates well with your chakras. Each of the Solfeggio musical notes have their purpose.  There are as follow: These are a different form of Solfeggio Frequencies and musical note Descriptions:
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Solfeggio Healing Power of Sound

Solfeggio Healing Sound