Now that we finished with your root chakra let us move on to your sacral chakra meditation. The sacral chakra is the area of our sexual and reproductive organs. When your sacral chakra is illuminate it will let out a beautiful glowing orange flow.

Your sacral chakra is the level of sensation, attraction, physical pleasure. It's also the center of regeneration and procreation. Sacral chakra meditation will you to know yourself as a sexual being, with great personal powers, and outer attractiveness. Practicing your sacral chakra meditation will open  your animal magnetism, this chakra is what has kept us reproducing. 

Your sexual powers can  bring you liberation or it can bring you imprisonment. Sex can increase our ego and give us a false sense of separation, We are all dominated by desire and the powerful urge for physical gratification how we go about using will make a big difference in our lives. By practicing you sacral chakra meditation, you will be able to control your urge.

Our sacral chakra is our base for survival needs. With this chakra being balance we are more able to look at other aspects of life, and this creates desire, which gets us to move, to reach out, to grow and to change. The color of the sacral chakra is orange.
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Sacral Chakra Meditation

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