In the book the Power of your subconscious mind, the author Joseph Murphy, talked about how there is no limits to the amount of prosperity, happiness and peace of mind one can achieve by utilizing the power of your subconscious mind

But today, however, I want to write about your right to be rich, and how you can use the power of your subconscious mind for wealth. Dr. Joseph Murphy covers a few points that I thought were very valuable,so I decided to create a summary of them in hope this will help to remove you in whatever negative situation that is preventing you from achieving your full potential to create wealth for yourself.   
To attract money you need, to have to have the right attitude towards money. You have to remove the thoughts of scarcity. You live in an abundant Universe that has a limitless potential and because of this limitless potential you can achieve what ever goals you want. The reasons you failed from achieving your right to be rich, are the thoughts you are harboring inside you about money. I am not saying you will be a billionaire, what I am saying is, you will have no lack. whenever you seems to be in need of something, the money will come to you for that something. 

Having a lot of money is not bad, it is your right to be rich. So remove all false superstitious beliefs about money. Having Money is not evil or dirty because if harbor these types of thinking you will probably not get rich.
Remove Envy and Jealousy of Others Money

Make it a habit to rejoice for others that appears to be better off than you financially. If you are envious and jealous, you will create a stumbling block that will prevent you from  achieving your goals to attract money you need.

The Power of Your subconscious Mind for Wealth

To achieve wealth, you have to understand wealth is of the mind. Dr. Joseph Murphy said, you have to let your subconscious mind know with conviction that you are wealthy. Your subconscious mind only knows how to deliver in what ever thoughts you dwell on the most.

Daily Affirmations for Wealth

Whatever the daily affirmations for wealth you are going to use, you have to believe the affirmations inside you. Failure to believe money affirmations, will prevent money from manifesting within you. Moreover, your daily affirmations for wealth has to be very specific. Do not use idle words. Do not make wealth the only thoughts you want to manifest. You will need incorporated peace of mind, abundance of love, perfect health and prosperity.

The power of your subconscious mind is ready to deliver on your instructions, so go ahead and follow this daily affirmations for wealth
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Daily Affirmations for Wealth

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Daily Affirmations for Wealth