Power of Imagination! What is power of imagination? Most of us do not realized the gift we have to form images in our mind and produce a desired result. When ever you use your memory to recall an event, you are using your imagination. We all have within us the power of imagination. In many of us, power of imagination may be developed more than in others. 

By using power of imagination you can experience inside your head the whole world. Power of imagination enables you to mentally explore what you would like to happen in the future and see what hadhappened in the past. You are empowered when you are using divine energy, yoga meditation powers and creative visualization.

​Our imagination or the mental picture we decide to keep in our mind can make wonders or it can make misery. One can practice creative visualization using affirmations and keeping great focus. Your religious belief does not matter. We all have the power of imagination. So if you want to call on God, Universe, Mother Earth, Father Sun, Higher Power, it does not matter . As long you are consistent with your affirmations your imagination will bring it to you.

Most do not succeed because we tend to look at the negative side of life. We think about what we don't have and as a result our imagination,which is always working creates that we focus on the most. Through meditation one can quiet the mind and keep focus on things you will like to achieve.

Visualization is seeing things in advance through your imagination before it happens. If you are ready to practice creative visualization, write down the goal, desire or fantasy you will like to achieve, then sit and relax with your eyes close and visualize your fantasy. Do not put a limitation on it. Be 100% that your desire objective will be reached. Being in a meditative state using alpha brain wave is a great way to manifest your goal. Here is a ten minutes Alpha wave to help you relax. 

Power of Imagination

Power of Imagination