Om meditation will help you to experience true joy for being who you are and where you are. The meditation with sound of Om is the sound of peace, harmony joy in your life. Om is the sound of serenity you want to go off to sleep with every night. This is a sound meditation that will bring you into serene inner bliss and help you to let go of what ever you are trying to manifest and put your entire energy into  being grateful into a spirit of gratitude.

Om meditation is a night meditation. This is a gratitude meditation. The sound Om create a wonderful vibration that will bring peace and a felling of calmness as you fall to sleep. This is a gratitude meditation that can be practice anywhere and anytime during the day. You simply repeat the word Om in your mind over and over. There are plenty we all should be grateful for. No matter how insignificant we think something is, we should be grateful for it.   
Practice Om meditation with the goal to have your heart center open, and to have happiness and peace. Remember whatever you look at, whatever appears, consider it to be Consciousness. Meditation is the embodiment of God, because God's is love. You sing God's name so that love will rise. 

I practice Om meditation every night. Dr. Wayne Dyer one of my favorite spiritual teacher as a guided Om meditation that you can do every night before you go to sleep. Find your self a nice quiet place where you will not be disturb or embarrassed to make the sound Om and indulged yourself into this Om gratitude meditation. Do the Om meditation.

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Om Meditation for Manifesting

Om Meditation