Have you experience the lucidity of your dreams? Lucid dreaming is a dream in which you the person dreaming is aware of the dream while the dream is in progress. This dreaming state is called lucid dreaming. Your dream is free from obscurity and you are able to easily understand what is going on in your dream while you are asleep.

Lucid dream gives you the ability to do or achieve anything you want without having roadblocks that you would have during your wake state. When you are experiencing the lucidity of your dreams, you have no limitations to what you can do. Depending of your awareness during your lucid dream, your dreams can be very real, and vivid. There are many great benefits to lucid dreaming; and also some major practical uses for lucid dreams in which you should consider. 

Lucid dreaming can be adventurous and exciting, and for you to  fully experience lucid dreaming, you have to remember you have the freedom to dream of anything and whatever your hear desires. There are no limitations to what you can dream and how to do it. For example; instead of seeing yourself driving to work, see yourself in your car flying to work. Lucid dreaming like that will take a bit of practice, but once you do, you will appreciate the idea of lucid dreaming.

If you are one the unfortunate people who hate falling to sleep because of constant nightmares, lucid dreaming can play a very important role in eradicating the fear of nightmares. Lucid dreaming is dream control and with this dream control you can completely change the content of your dreams,and  effectively defeat your nightmares. Lucid dreaming if practice the correct way may provide you with the opportunity to help you realized that your fears are not real and  give you the confidence to overcome your fears when you are awake. 

Do you want to be a lucid dreamer? Start by having control  over what you want to dream. Do not leave it to your subconscious mind to decide for you your dream. To reach a lucid dream state, you will need to have DLID, or dream initiated lucid dream. This where you the dreamer have taught yourself that you are having a lucid dream. The second is by having WILD,or wake initiated lucid dream. This is the one I practice the most. This where you get into the dream before you are fully asleep or as you are falling to sleep.

There are many great devices on the market to help you to induced lucid dreaming. Dreaming masks, strobe lights and many other things will help to induce a lucid dream. Another methods is to play binaural sound frequencies on headphones. With a combination of self affirmations, self hypnosis and binaural sounds, being a lucid dreamer is something anyone can do successfully. Have fun  Experience the Lucidity of your Dreams.

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Lucid Dreaming to Experience the Lucidity of your Dreams

Lucid Dreaming