Incense is one of the more common magical tools. Many practitioners use incense for nearly every magical act, from simple meditations to elaborate rituals. It’s not that its a very powerful or versatile tool, but it is a fairly useful one. Incense utilizes our sense of smell to help align both the practitioner and the area in which it is burned with a desired mood and energy. Some common uses for incense include:

-In spellwork and ritual incense is often burned to help raise energy, adjust the energy of the area, and/or aid the practitioner in achieving trance.

-In meditation incense is burned to help the practitioner achieve states of clarity, focus, and/or calm.

-Incense is often used as an aid to achieve astral projection and lucid dreaming.

-In cleansings and exorcisms incense is burned to purify or sanctify an area.

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