Breathing is a simple act most of us perform daily without thinking. However, we do not think on how we breathed. We do not realized the great benefits we get from proper breathing. If you practice meditation, you know that correct breathing nourishes the body and enrich the soul and help you to create better health.

Breathing exercise will bring great benefits to you. Breathing exercises can help to reduce your level of stress and bring you better health. Breathing exercises if perform properly can reverse many of the problems caused my chronic stress. The correct breathing exercise has been linked successfully in treatment of many conditions, such as: Feelings of tension, Hyperventilation, Burnout, Headache and Chronic fatigue.

Breathing exercises can be used  any time and anywhere  to help reduce  physical stress and aid in relaxation. Breathing exercises is just one way to help bring better health. However, there are some times in which breathing exercises in conjunction with other stress relief strategies can be the best choice depending of the desire result. Breathing exercises can be  most effective when a person maybe feeling overwhelmed, stressed and would like to calm down as fast as possible. Other times, breathing exercises can be used to help release tension from your body or trying to be more self centered. 
What happen when we do not adopt correct breathing:

Improper breathing can create havoc on our body without been notice until it is too late. The consequences of not practicing correct breathing can bring pain and many discomfort, not even your doctor will know the cause. Most of the time your doctor will diagnose you as aging. Many of the accumulative symptoms of improper breathing can be,backaches, headaches, stiffening muscles and joints, neuritis. Without proper breathing many of us will retain a great deal of excess fat. This is the reason you have breathing exercises to lose weight

Many of these issues can be avoided, or at least considerably reduced. The only thing we need to learn is to breath correctly. Just by adding breathing into your daily exercise you can eliminate many adverse health effects. You will be amaze on how many negative outcomes will vanish like a magic.
http://www.sevenchakrasmeditation  has this video to help you to learn and practice the correct way to breath. To be able to improve in your meditation, you have to learn to breathed. Have fun with Exercises To Improve Your Breathing For The Best Breathing Meditation.

Exercises To Improve Your Breathing For The Best Breathing Meditation

Breathing Exercising