Heart Chakra MeditationBalanced Heart Located near your heart, in the very center of your chest, your fourth chakra is the domain of human intimacy. It is essential to affection, warmth, nurturing, friendship and familiarity. Your fourth chakra is the seat of your ability to feel joy, unity, laughter and especially, love-the very highest power in your life. It expands your capacity to be generous, sensitive, forgiving and tolerant.
With a balanced fourth chakra, the circulation of your blood is healthy and smooth, your heart rhythm is regular and your arteries are clear from blockage.
The fourth chakra is generally considered the most important energy center in your psyche, because it is from this chakra that love emanates.

 It is naturally associated with family, partners, friends, spiritual family members and animals. When it is balanced, you care about how you affect others. You want to touch them in a positive, nurturing way. You want to reveal to them the power of love.

 The heart chakra rules your compassion, forgiveness, generosity and love.
· A well-balanced fourth chakra will result in stimulating your highest
ideals and desires, and leave you feeling positive and nurturing.
· In your body, the fourth chakra governs the heart, circulation, breasts, and arteries.
· An apt image for the fourth chakra is an open doorway.
· The heart chakra vibrates with the color green.
· The heart chakra's mission statement is: I give, I care, I love.
When your heart chakra is balanced, you non-judgmentally accept yourself and others. You recognize beauty-in yourself and in everyone-while overlooking weaknesses. It is because of a balanced fourth chakra that you are kind and forgiving, as well as quick to pardon. You are also tolerant, optimistic, resourceful and humorous.
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Heart Chakra Meditation

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