Healing music. Sounds Meditation to heal diseases

Our body is made of  mostly water. Our brain is about 85% water. Tests have been proven if you had the proper vibration or healing sound to water, it will help cleanse and purify water. Water hydrogen and oxygen plays a very important role in our day to day life. Because of how our body is structure we need to incorporate into our daily lives the six healing sounds meditation; healing sound.

The healing music sounds are used to generate a specific frequency in our brain that will help to heal different organs. These healing Sounds have been designed to evoke a natural self-healing response in you.
Six healing sounds meditation will resonate with the seven basic energy centers of the body known as the seven chakra system. Practicing the Six healing sounds meditation will help to harmonize your body’s physical energies, your mind and your soul to attain maximum health and well-being. These six healing sounds can help heal diseases. 

Solfeggio frequencies or healing music used by the Ancient Gregorian, which was lost for centuries were recovered. The Solfeggio frequencies with healing power of sound have special chants and tones that can bring many great spiritual blessings when they are harmonize.

We all know from the story of the bible everything began with the word and the word was a sound. Our universe and our body gives out a frequency and that frequency is a sound. And when that sound change so does our body and the universe. Our planet rotate on a perfect rotation due to a perfect sound or frequency that keeps that rotation perfect. When we are sick either with a cold or major illness the frequency for that major area of the body is not generating the proper sound, and thus causes illness.

If we are able to to generate and keep a specific frequency or sound within us, we would be able to remove many health issues that has plague us. http://www.sevenchakrasmeditation.com
has put together videos of the six healing sound, healing music  for you to practice on a daily basis.

First Chakra: MULADHARA

1. Root Chakra.
Musical Tone of C.
Color: Red,
Element: Earth.

Base of the Spine (Energizes the whole physical
body and affects general physical vitality and needs
UT... 396...= 9.... QUENT LAXIS
Second Chakra : Svadhistana
2. Reproductive or Sex Chakra.
Musical Tone of D.
Color: Orange,
Element: Water.
Sexual Organs; Bladder and legs.
Lower or Physical Creative Center, Sexuality and Emotions
MI... 528... =6 DNA REPAIR
3. Solar Plexus Chakra.
Musical Tone of E.
Color: Yellow,
Element: Fire.
Diaphragm: pancreas, liver, stomach, large and small intestines and other internal organs.
Acts as an Energy Clearing House Center, Power and Vitality
528... MI... =6 LOVE SIGNAL
Fourth Chakra: ANAHATA
4. Heart Chakra.
Musical Tone of F.
Color: Emerald Green,
Element: Air.
Center of the Chest, Heart, Thymus Gland,
Circulatory System and Lungs. The Energy Center of Love.
FA... 639... =9 QUADRANT
Fifth Chakra: Throat Chakra
5. Throat Chakra.
Musical Tone of G.
Color: Blue,
Element:Sound & Air.
Center of the Throat, Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, and the Lymphatic System.
The Center of Communication, Expression and Creativity
Sixth Chakra: Ajna, or Third Eye
6. Third Eye and Ajna Chakra.
Musical Tone of A.
Color: Indigo,
Element: Light.
Between the Eyebrows and Center of the Head, Pituitary Gland and Endocrine Glands.
Control the other major chakras.

Healing Sound Meditation Music