We are energy. When we practice the guided seven chakras meditation, we help to improve the flow of our energy. So given our  attention to anything is like a great surge of energy. If we take the time and direct our attention and energy to any area of our body we will bring energy to that part of the body.

Guided Seven Chakras Meditation, uses energy principles to open and balance your chakras. This exercise if practice daily will help to create a better flow of energy throughout your body. The chakras are our “energy centers” of our bodies. I have a 24 minutes seven chakras meditation you can practice daily on http://sevenchakrasmeditation.com.

As you focus on your different chakras, you will notice differences on the way you feel and your energy centers. For me, when I get to my sixth chakras I am at times in a trance. For you, when meditating you may feel that certain emotions come up, maybe at your lower chakras or heart chakra, or you may notice a  shift in your energy.

I will advise for you to be conscious of how you feel and try not manipulate or change anything. Keep your awareness on the chakra of the moment and that will wake up that chakra to creat a great flow of energy in the direction of greater balance.

Some chakras maybe easier for you to focus on. Some chakras might slip away from your attention and others may be sensed with great ease. However, If you continue to use this meditation, you will get better at balancing your chakras and with time they will become clearer. At times, others have told me that they do not feel anything when they practice their seven chakras meditation. I will tell you that it really does not matter because you are getting many great benefits from simply just meditating.

Using this guided seven chakras meditation regularly will help you to stay balance and bring balance to your life. Each of your chakra is associated with a specific part your body and aspects of living. Enjoy this seven chakras meditation and share with all your friends and families.

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Guided Seven Chakras Meditation

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