In our brains, we have millions of nerve cells that works to communicate with one another by sending electrical impulses called brain waves. Brain waves can vary greatly based on the different levels of consciousness we are operating on. Our brain cycles to four different types of brain waves and each of these brain waves gives a different frequency. These brain wave frequencies can ran range from fast to slow, with each of them serving a different purpose. 

If you are a healthy person, you will find that your brain shift several times throughout the day between all the brain waves pattern. The four brain waves pattern are Beta brain waves,  Alpha brain wavesTheta brain waves, and Delta brain waves. These brain waves are always active in your brain, however, one of the brain wave is usually more dominant over the others. Pay attention to the way you are feeling for the moment and that will give you an indication which brain wave is functioning.

I will list the functions of these brain waves that way you are aware of them and how you can use brain waves to increase the power of mind. Your state of mind can help you to overcome many of life challenges, and by being aware of your brain waves, that will  help you to increase your focus, better night sleep, be calmer, and increase your state of awareness.

With a Low Beta brain waves you will most likely experience alertness, focus and concentration. At this state, your brain will release Dopamine. With a  High Beta brain waves, you will most likely experience anxiety, nervousness and panic attack. At this state, your brain is releasing Adrenaline. Too much of this brain wave is definitely not good for you.

With this brain wave you are calm, relaxed and in a meditative state. This is a day dreaming state when you are not quiet awake and also not in a deep sleep. In this state you can think and picture what you will like to achieve in your life and you can create that frequency that will help you to achieve it. At this frequency your brain is releasing Serotonin and Endorphins.  

With Theta brain waves you are very deeply relaxed and sleepy. This Brain wave is good for your creativity. At this frequency your brain is releasing Human Growth Hormones, Serotonin and Endorphins.

Delta Brain Waves

With Delta brain waves you are in deep sleep with very little thoughts. At this point, your brain is releasing Melatonin and Human Growth Hormones.

If you want to greatly improve your life situation, I will recommend you use brain wave frequencies. You will experience more efficiency in your thinking, greater  focus on your goals, experience better relaxation, and increase your spirit for a better consciousness. Try this free video, Brain Waves to Increase the Power of Mind.
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Brain Waves to Increase the Power of Mind

Beta Brain Waves

Alpha Brain Waves

Theta Brain Waves

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