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The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural, effortless process practiced 15–20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed
Extensive research has found Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improves health, and promotes inner peace seven chakras meditation

Seven Chakras Meditation

Daily Meditation

Seven Chakras Meditations

Spirit Guide Meditation

What's meditation?
The term meditation describes a gaggle of techniques which is often practiced for many reasons, such as to boost calmness along with physical rest, to enhance psychological equilibrium, to cope with illness, as well as to enhance overall wellness. Most kinds of meditations get four elements in keeping:

A quiet location. Meditations are often practiced inside a quiet location with seeing that few distractions as is possible. This might be particularly of great help for beginners.

Comfortable posture. Depending for the type currently being practiced, meditations can be achieved while seated, lying decrease, standing, going for walks, or with other postures.

A target of attention. Focusing your attention can be quite a part associated with meditations. One example is, the meditator may focus on a rule (a especially chosen phrase or list of words), a good object, or this sensations on the breath.

An open mindset. Having a good open mindset during meditations means enabling distractions occur and proceed naturally devoid of judging all of them.

How can meditation affect my wellbeing?

It is not fully regarded what adjustments occur in the body during meditations; whether that they influence wellbeing; and, if that's the case, how. Research is under way for more information about meditation's results, how the idea works, and diseases and conditions which is it could be most useful.